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About The Instructor

We're here to help you succeed in the CBD industry.

Step By Step Guide To Starting Your CBD Business

Immersing Yourself In The Cannabis Industry

You'll skip past most of the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST cannabis startup business owners from competing in the CBD industry.

3 Business Models You Can Start TODAY!

You'll discover exactly 3 different business models on how to earn money in today's CBD market. Which you can literally start in 30 days or less.

The 7-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Business Structure

You'll understand exactly how to structure an entity for your CBD businesses.

Designing A Income Producing Website

You'll know exactly how to build a money making CBD e-commerce website that literally makes you money while you sleep.

Best Selling CBD Products

You will learn the best selling CBD Products that will make you the most money in a short amount of time.

Marketing Your CBD Business

You'll even learn marketing secrets to getting your business and services in front of millions of people.

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Cory Holmes

My name is Cory Holmes and I am the founder of Holmes Organics, a wellness brand that offers CBD products. We offer products from CBD Oil, Softgels, and Pain Cream… to even CBD bath bombs, and doggy treats.

I created the course to give hope to aspiring entrepreneurs to believe that they can compete in a billion dollar industry. The CBD industry will be a 25 billion dollar industry in a few short years and there's currently no clear market leader. So this is an opportunity to gain market share and build a huge brand.

I especially want to show fellow minorities how to earn a great living in an industry that so many of us have been put in jail for. And we are still in jail for a plant that many brands are making millions from. Crazy right?

It's time to own our brands and I want to show you how.